We finish with Putting, but might it be the most important?

There is an argument that becoming a good putter doesn’t add so much to the enjoyment of your golf if you’ve had a day in the bushes, long grass and sand. But not being a good putter causes frustration beyond belief on the day it does all come together green to tee.   

There are any number of little competitions you can test yourself with. You should probably develop something that tests your ability to hole shorter putts on slight slopes, your ability to hole flat 10-foot putts, and your ability to hit longer putts within a tight area of the hole.

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And while you’re looking at our suggestion for how to measure your Putting performance or have some quick fun with friends, we’ll tell what the question was that had less than 2% of golfers say “yes”.

Putting is not an art form. Putting is a skill and technique. You won’t get as much time as a Tour Pro to practice, but you can get a lot closer to their performance level with some coaching.

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