The fun approach to practice

Here’s a great way to measure your Putting skills

Three tests of your Putting skills. Measure and track your performance against these three tests at least each month. In fact, set up a game with friends. You’ll have so much fun in less than 60 minutes.  

Set up 12 4-foot Putts around the hole, with 1 ball at each hour location (imagining a clock). The green should have a slight slope, so at 12 o’clock you’re going straight down hill, and at 6 you’re going straight up. The 3 o’clock will break from the right and 9 o’clock from the left. Watch the video for a perfect explanation.    

Score 2 points for every putt you sink. Maximum score 24 points. You should be looking to get all of these, but of course occasionally you’ll miss one. If you’re having trouble, come and see us or you’ll be spoiling you chance of saves and birdies out on the course.  

There are so many events like this that you can play at a golf course. It’s a great way to practice, but it’s also a great way to have fun with friends. If you want other ideas, come

and chat with us or contact us now.

That’s the number of golfers who, in an online survey, said that they’d NEVER had a Putting Lesson or any form of Putting coaching. That makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you want to sink more real birdie opportunities in the 15 foot circle? Why wouldn’t you want to make great saves?