The Cobra King F6 Driver

Finding you the perfect launch conditions

Finding you the perfect launch is more than just looking for the loft to match your swing speed and angle of attack on the ball.
Do we need more spin to aid lift and trajectory, or less spin and a more penetrating ball flight?  

Adjustable ‘Front to Back’ Centre of Gravity (CoG) technology, means we set the CoG to either create a high ball flight with a little more spin, or knock off some spin and create a lower, more penetrating ball flight if we move the CoG to its forward position.

Setting the CoG deeper will also increase the MOI and therefore the forgiveness of the Cobra King F6.
That will mean longer average distances as well.

More consistency is a big benefit to most golfers

Four standard choices of shaft, four different flexes, and four different weights, will all have an impact on your launch angle, spin rate, ball flight, accuracy and consistency. Let’s fit you perfectly. 

“Another reason we like the Cobra King F6 Driver is the shaft length. All that extra distance is delivered without an extra long shaft. That means you’ll find the club easier to control. Again, good for consistency and control.”   

The Cobra King F6 is a great Driver with outstanding new features, especially the ability to truly tune the club to your swing and game requirements.
We have the option to look at the King F6+ Driver for those who need even less spin and an even lower trajectory.
But, all discussions start with what results are you looking for off the tee, and how your swing performs.

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