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There are many variables that impact on the backspin created at impact. Understanding some simple physics will helps us
Your Hamstrings consist of three muscles that do an awful lot to manage the operation of your lower body.
If you’d like to be able to come to the golf course, even if you haven’t played for a while, and know that you’ll still hit Fairways
The visual cues on the Odyssey O-Works V-Line Fang CH Putter mean you’re in no doubt about the sweet spot location.

Have More Fun when your Further Down the Fairway

Golf is a really great game and it’s more FUN when played out of the fairway. The Ping G was inspired by an approach called biomimicry, PING engineers analyzed the dragonfly’s intricate wing pattern ... See more

Cleveland Wedge Fitting Day - June 21st

South Hills will be hosting a wedge fitting day with Cleveland Golf that will feature the brand new RTX-3 wedges. Cleveland has always been an industry leader and proven success through the PGA, ... See more

Half Price Carts on Sunday before 9 A.M.

On Sunday's, carts will be half price before 9 A.M. Starting May 14th, you will be required to make a tee time to have the special. You can call us to make a tee time or go to our Facebook page and ... See more

Looking For Something New This Year?

The season is finally here and its time to dust off the clubs and head to the course. With the new season upon us, new clubs have been introduced to the golf world. At South Hills this year we will ... See more